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ContentSync helps designers and writers collaborate to create copy faster. Now the whole team can seamlessly contribute. Translate, iterate, personalize and perfect your design content. Say good bye to copy & paste. Create faster. Iterate faster. Perfect faster.

Sync content between and Google Spreadsheets.
Now Microsoft 365 Excel too!

Contentsync 6 demo

Create and collaborate on content versions directly in Google Spreadsheets.
And now Microsoft 365 Excel too!

Contentsync 6 demo spreadsheet

Built for designers.

Sync content directly inside of Sketch with the native ContentSync plugin.

Sketch interface highlighted



Styles Supported

Symbol Aware

How It Works

Built for copywriters and content strategists.

ContentSync combines the power and flexibiliy of Google Spreadsheets, Microsoft 365 Excel, and Sketch.

See your content in context on the ContentSync canvas.
Uze the full power and flexibility of Google Spreadsheets - translation, functions and all.
Invite your team with different levels of permissions.
Collaborate on content using Google Spreadsheets
See your design and where the content lives.
Invite your team and standardize your content.
How It Works

Sync across your workflow.

Integrate content with your whole team pipeline with the ContentSync API and developer plugins coming soon.

Built for teams v2 4

Version content for all cases.

Make as many content versions as you want. Toggle between content versions to satisfy any copy need.



Share your content with your language experts and get the right translations into your designs.



Customize your content for each user or persona. Even quickly change your design for user testing.



Let clients directly edit content to keep designs moving forward. No more emails.

Simple Pricing

Lite usage for free.
Heavy usage for a fixed price.


Unlimited projects, syncing, versions and sharing.

Bbva Fox Hp Invoice2go Normanandsons

"ContentSync has helped me improve our internal work process resulting in a gain of 116 man-days per year (5 ux/ui, 5devs and 2 c.m's) or the equivalent of 58.000 eur per year.!"

Mark Graham Dunn, Sr. UI/UX Designer

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