Sketch Integrated

ContentSync Sketch Plugin plugs directly into Sketch with a custom native toolbar. Making sycning your content even easier.


View Your Design

ContentSync platform Canvas view lets you see your design just as you would in Sketch.


Edit Your Content

Jump directly from the design to the corresponding cell on your Spreadsheet. Creating new versions is as easy as making new columns.


Google Powered

Utilize the power and flexibility of Google Spreadsheets for your Content - Google Translate, notes, collaboration and more!


Content Styling Supported

Sync content styling too! Want each language to have a different font? A different font size? You can. Control the font, font size, bold, italics and more. ContentSync even supports multiple styles in a single content piece.


Team Management

Invite members to your project with different roles and permissions.



Make each page a separate Spreadsheet Sheet.
Prefix each content key with the artboard name.
You can do it all.
Customizable mapping functions lets you customize how a Sketch layer translates to a content key or a Spreadsheet sheet.

Bbva Fox Hp Invoice2go Normanandsons

"ContentSync has helped me improve our internal work process resulting in a gain of 116 man-days per year (5 ux/ui, 5devs and 2 c.m's) or the equivalent of 58.000 eur per year.!"

Mark Graham Dunn, Sr. UI/UX Designer

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